Monday, 6 July 2015

A sea of grey and black

This post is kind of a personal ramble. I’ve had a really good look at my collection and decided I have a hobby problem. Finally all the years of plastic crack has drained my bank a/c, filled every nook and cranny in the garage and left me with a mountain of painting. 

I had a long weekend so it was time to take stock. Deep breath, I can’t really buy more Malifaux until I’ve cleared out some stuff, assembled all my boxed Malifaux models and done a lot more painting. I also need to sell off my old Warhammer Fantasy and 40 Stuff. I can’t see when I’ll need a Grey Knight army any more, or 6 Inquisitorial Chimeras with Forge World decals. I won’t ever dust off the Sisters of Battle or the Chaos “Naughty Marines.” I don’t know if Wood Elves will even exist in the latest Warhammer Fantasy Reboot. 

I actually have a lot of painted Malifaux models, but they are spread across a lot of crews meaning I rarely field a painted crew. 

So I have come up with a plan.
  • I won’t buy any more Malifaux until I’ve cleared my backlog of assembling and painting. 
  • I will create a excel spreadsheet and track my painting. 
  • I will assemble and undercoat every Malifaux model I own.
  • I will completely paint all my Ten Thunders (whether straight TT, or Dual Faction). 
  • Once the TT’s are done, I’ll move on to my Outcasts, then my Ressers. 

So to kick off I’ve spent a weekend, including my day off whilst the wife was away and the kids were at school, assembling models. I’m quite pleased. I’ve made a massive leap forward and assembled
Rusty Alice
3 Hollow Waifs
1 Abomination
3 Samuari
2 Beckoners (so at some stage I’ll need to buy Dark Debts!)
2 Mindless Zombies
A steam trunk (although by the end I wanted to squash the little f£$%er). 

That leaves me The University of Transmortis, 3 Mindless Zombies, 3 Abominations and an old metal McMourning to assemble. 

I spent some time with a spray can and a stick, and base coated
Rusty Alice
3 Hollow Waifs
2 Samurai
1 Necro punk
1 Convict Gunslinger

I’ll do the long planned conversion on Toshiro to give him a nice suit of Armour and base coat him, Ototo and the Dawn Serpent.

Gosh that’s a lot of stuff to paint right there! Add to that are the various models that are already assembled and base coated or half painted. 

I’m tempted to box a load of stuff so that my painting stays concentrated on the first set of models. I have tons of semi painted models. 

Rumbling in the background is a half painted team of Butchers and an entire SAGA Vikings army. 

I guess I should try Ebaying the old GW stuff. Is there even a market for it or shall I chuck my 3000pts of Sisters of Battle in the bin?

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  1. There is definitely a market for old Games Workshop stuff. Don't pay attention to "buy it now" prices, but if you list up units at 0.99p listings and let the market find a price, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.