Monday, 10 July 2017

Gaming Down Under - Part 1

So after 6 big years in the UK, arguably the tabletop mecca of the world it was time to head back to Oz. Kids are still young, weather is better and the beer cold etc.

I also thought what better time to actually contribute to the blog again giving a bit of a run down of my adventures on the 'Otherside' ... see what I did there !!

So back to Melbourne I go not expecting much going on in the way of gaming, sure there has always been a decent scene but with the distances and fewer gamers I was expecting to take a hit. This I'm happy to say seems far from the truth.

The Melbourne Malifaux scene is booming with games a common occurrence at my new local, the aptly named House of War. The place is simply huge, an ex pool hall packed full of tables and stock. Colour me impressed.

The House of War gaming hall
Tables look amazing
Move tables
So sure, competitions aren't on every other weekend… Well unless you want to fly a couple of thousand miles between cities but the scene is alive and well.

My old local club in Hawthorn has a couple of Malifaux gamers as well and I got a game in last week and so hope to ‘stoke the flames’ of Malifaux there as well.

First competition is just around the corner on Saturday 29th July at The House of War, a 3 game, casual event designed for newer players so I hope to meet more of Melbourne’s Malifaux gamers then.

I'll be running my new favourite master Lynch so hopefully I'll get a few more articles in there on my learnings with Lynch and general down under gaming news.

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