Thursday, 24 March 2016

If you're Gaki and you know it...

Dr Walnut

The next in my posts about spirits will be about the sharknado of the spirit work the Gaki
(I hear some of you saying "what about night terrors surely they come first" true they do but I skipping them as a protest to them not being out in plastic still)

The Gaki is a cheap summon needing an eight to bring one in or four soulstones it you want to hire one.
They are tougher than they look with five wounds and two possible heals they can stick around if they need to.

Speed wise they're not too bad a walk of five and a charge or seven they can keep up if needed. They lack incorporeal but I doubt I'll be using them as scheme runners any time soon.

Gaki are there to do one job, eat. The Gaki isn't a beater but it is going to take some wounds off enemy models. Its has a ml 4 which goes to 5 when near its master. It does 2/3/4 damage with gaki within two inches gets to make an attack. I love this if it comes up, the chance to chain attacks from multiple Gaki is great. There's no limit to it so if you keep hitting on masks you get to keep attacking. Trigger two lets you drop a corpse marker which is always useful in ressers and doubly so if you want this fella to hang around he can use that corpse marker to heal two wounds.
two possible triggers. Trigger one, on a mask a

Gaki's second attack action is swallow you whole. the usual ht 1 or paralysed model auto kill. Great if you know its going to stick but not something I'd bank on.

The last action of the Gaki is to discard a corpse marker to heal 2 wounds.  This and the eat your
fill ability which lets you end an activation after killing an enemy to heal together mean that if you want to these little biters can keep on going as long as they have something to eat.

I have to say I've been guilty of trying to use these in a similar way I would punk zombies with Molly which really isn't what they are for. These are late game summons who are perfect to mop up weaker models. If you can get them for free from Kirai's or Datsue's trigger all the better.

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