Monday, 30 March 2015

#TOMB2 Month 2: Finally A Game

Played my first Zoraida game against a newer player at Dark Sphere who was playing Rasputina. I know Rasputina very well since Pippatick and I have played a lot and that is her only Master.

Turf War (Flank)
Plant Explosives
Frame for Murder

His Crew:
Rasputina with Shattered Heart, Imbued Energies, Cold Nights
Ice Golem with Imbued Energies
2 Coryphee
3 Ice Gamin
7 Stones

My Crew:
Zoraida with Hexed Among you
Bad Juju with Eternal Fiend and Fears Given Form (which I forgot I had the entire game...)
3 Waldgeists
2 Silurids
4 Stones

We both announced Breakthrough and he took Bodyguard (Ice Golem). I took Plant Explosives.
I scored full points for plant explosives from a silurid leaping and putting down a marker between two ice gamin and a coryphee on turn 1 which started my opponent at a 3-0 deficit. I also managed to tie up all his ice gamin and one coryphee with my waldgeists.

Turn two ended up being a fight between two opponents in armour hitting eachother with feathers as the Waldgeists defensive stanced and the ice gamin tried unsuccesfully to hit them. I used the Voodoo doll/Nurse to paralyze the Coryphee who was then duetted by the other coryphee. In response Zoraida obeyed the voodoo doll to hem the Duet and then obeyed the Nurse to make it only take walk and interact actions. Then I bewitched it so I would draw cards if it walked. Raspy didn't do much since everything was tied in combat. She tried to paralyse a Walgeist 3 times but each time it randomised onto an ice gamin. Eventually I ended up launching a silurid into Raspy who killed it with help from Wendigo bringing out Bad Juju. Juju eventually killed the Wendigo and Rasputina but most importantly stopped Raspy from having an effect on the battle for the whole game (as she was still back in the deployment zone rather than anywhere near the turf war and there was lots of terrain in between the two). Zoraida spent the game bewitching the ice golem and then obeying him to walk away while the Nurse kept the Coryphee duet paralyzed. Eventually my opponent won initiative and the Duet killed the Nurse. The waldgeists eventually killed off the gamin (one waldgeist died from an exploding gamin for his troubles) and I easily got down all my breakthrough markers with my silurid.

Turn 5 ended with my up 10-9 if it had ended there (I had denied one turf war point) but the game went on to turn 6. I managed to deny turf war again by out-activating my opponent and then forcing the Coryphee duet to leave the turf war circle with Zoraida. He only had the Duet and ice golem left at that point. I also charged the Golem with a waldgeist who red-jokered the damage flip. I then charged with a silurid which took him down to 1 point. I was about to call the turn but remembered the Voodoo doll hadn't activated. I charged the little guy into the Golem with his ml 3 1/2/3 attack and managed to jam scissors into the Golem's eyes killing him and denying my opponent a final bodyguard point. He easily scored 3 for breakthrough from the duet placing markers earlier in the game and 3 for bodyguard so the game ended 10-8.

Really enjoyed the crew but it really lacks killing power. Managed two neutralize his two hard-hitting models for most turns in the game but couldn't do much else I had too many SS tied up in survivability (Waldgeists) and Scheme Runners (Silurids). Also bad Juju was great holding up Rasputina and eventually taking her out but it did mean he couldn't act as a hitter in the Turf War circle. Definitely need a way to get some more damage output. Maybe taking Iggy instead of a 3rd Waldgeist would have been better but he's still not finished being built/converted so I decided to leave him at home. Loved Zoraida's ability to get so many cards through bewitched and the Nurse was fantastic. I think I would be better off starting Bad Juju on the board for turf war since he would probably be more useful in the centre and it doesn't matter much if he dies. Plus a silurid/waldgeist can do a decent job of tying up Rasputina (especially when she has no available pushes like in this build).

Month Two Progress
I have had to go away on business twice this month so haven't finished my Nurse/Iggy yet, but they should hopefully be done for the deadline a week from today. I am looking forward to hopefully getting another game with Zoraida in soon as well (The above game was the only malifaux game I managed in March as I continually had to miss tuesday malifaux nights due to being away for work). Happy with how they are looking so far but have quite a lot left to do in before they are done and I can move on to Nekima for month 3. Starting to think about month 4 purchases at the moment and am debating between (an assortment of) Bishop, Performer, Johan, Doppelganger and Beckoners. Haven't decided which way I'm going to go yet but hopefully will figure that out in Month 3. Hopefully I am away less and can get some actual games in as well...

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