Monday, 16 March 2015

Seamus the Top hatted wonder.

I've recently started using Seamus as my main master and thought I give a run down of what I’ve learnt about the charming gent that he is.
Seamus is a Reserrectionist master who has an eye for the ladies specially when they’re less than fresh. His place in the grand scheme of things in Malifaux is as a trouble maker, granted he has grand schemes and plots for power but he would probably settle for a high body count and a bigger gun.
Often likened to Jack the Ripper and the Joker he is often one of the first Masters people hear about when they start looking into Malifaux.

What does he do? Seamus is designed to jump around the table killing something then disappear again. He can also raise a few slightly used belles from the dead and we can’t forget his subtle hand-cannon blowing holes in people. So first up his greatest action Back alley means he can disappear and reappear within 10 inches as long as he starts out of line of sight and ends within 1 inch of blocking terrain. This makes him very mobile and great for hunting quick or hidden models. And that brings me to the first lesson I learnt with Seamus. He likes a soft target, he’s not going to like running around trying to take out Masters or Henchmen. He can do it but it’s not where he shines. Depending on how you stack his upgrades you can easily take out two minions a round.
This brings me to Offensive power. As mentioned before Seamus has his trusty gun which with Sh7, a high damage output and a 10 inch range means he has his choice of victims. But it is a single shot so you can’t waste it. I’d say its better to spend an AP on focus or even a SS on the flip than waste a clear shot.
He also has a choice of either a great melee attack or a ranged will power attack depending on which of his limited upgrades you take. Which one you take depends on how you want to play and who you’re facing. If you expect to be caught up in melee a lot take bag of tools and if you want to go against a crews Wp then take sinister reputation.

Who  to bring with Seamus? Firstly I take the Copycat with his high damage on shooting and an auto killer trigger on melee he mops up what Seamus leaves behind. All his stats are what you would expect from a totem but with his place into base contact with Seamus he can jump about as much as the big man and can always be killed to give Seamus a corpse marker to help him Back alley.
Next the mighty Sybelle. She can help move the belles around she has a ranged attack with blasts and she has her Lash which can dish out damage, obey models and with a crow kill them out right.
Belles are wonderful, ugly but wonderful. I like to run two of them fairly close to make the most of pounce and often backed up by a beater like the good old Punk zombie.
Other models in the crew are fairly changeable. I like Chiaki for her Wp attacks and condition removal and canine remains are my go to scheme runner (until I can lay me hands on crooligans).
The Hanged should work well but I've not had a chance to put them on the table yet so I’ll reserve judgement until later.

Thanks for sitting through and hopefully I’ll learn a few more trick and I’ll be back to share them soon.  

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